Anthea Craigmyle (1933-2016)

Washing Day
  • signed with initials
  • watercolour and gouache
  • 20 by 18 cm.; 8 by 7 in.
  • £1,450 plus 4% ARR
Anthea Craigmyle (1933-2016)

Trained at the Chelsea School of Art under the guidance of distinguished artists such as Julian Trevelyan and Ceri Richards. In the early part of her career she developed a style that reflected her childhood experiences of the war and her paintings frequently portrayed a sombre mood.
In the seventies, she made a conscious decision to change her approach. Her experiences later in her life were much more positive and her pictures began to reflect her love of life and her enthusiasm for other people.
She lived and painted at her home alongside the Thames at Chiswick.

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