Anthony Frost (b.1951)

In my Area
  • signed, titled, inscribed and dated ’94 on the reverse
  • acrylic on sail cloth, hessian and canvas, unframed
  • 152.5 by 101.5 cm.; 60 by 40 in
  • SOLD
Anthony Frost (b.1951)

Anthony Frost creates collaged, abstract paintings using found materials like sailcloth, burlap, string, pumice, and rubber. The son of painter Terry Frost, he was exposed to art as a child and went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in fine art from Cardiff School of Art & Design in 1973. Frost’s vibrant paintings are formed by collaging layers of found material onto canvas before painting brightly coloured, geometric shapes onto his textured surfaces. Although he conceives of his compositions in advance, his loose, spontaneous process allows for unplanned elements to change the direction of the work. Music is a major source of inspiration for Frost. His paintings embody the rhythm, volume, and direct expressive quality of rock and punk, and he has designed album covers for the British post-punk band The Fall.

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